Ocean Freight

DEN360 INTERNATIONAL LIMITED now offers high quality containerized shipment through a growing number of container warehouses and loading facilities. We provide 20ft, standard 40ft, and 40ft high cube containers for shipments of vehicles or general cargo.
Full container load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) are the options we offer in the Ocean Freight industry. Not everyone wants to ship a whole container load, so we have LCL – Less than Container Load to assist you with smaller amounts of freight. Ship almost anything big or small, from cartons to boxes, pallets and cases.


  • Den360 International Limited will never accept any of your vehicles except we both agree the clearing charges prior shipment from USA to Nigeria.
  • We also offer RORO Services as well as assist shipment via Air, Ocean/Container
  • Upon agreement for Customs Clearance charges, payment is required 2 weeks prior Container arrival in Nigeria. Please pay ahead to avoid extra charges (demurrage)
  • At Den360 International Limited, the containers we used are made of weathering steel and also they are coming in different size and type. The containers can be loaded, unloaded and transported on the wheel or flatbed. They are the most economical way to move the cargo safely all over the world.
  • The Full Container Load (FCL) is an Ocean Freight, Container that is loaded and unloaded under the risk of the one Shipper and only one consignee. Volume-wise. Our LCL – Less than Container Load shipping option saves you up to 60% on shipping cost when compared to other major shippers.

OCEAN FREIGHT PROCEDURES Full container load is the cheapest way to ship the cargo. Den360 International Limited offer full container load service from any location in USA to all the major cities and Ports in Nigeria. There is a possibility to have mixed commodity in a Full container load as long as there is not a mixture of the hazardous items in the same load. With Den360 International Limited you can always ship more for less. And do not forget, we always have solutions for whatever you are looking to ship to Nigeria and you get same care and protection as a full container load. Goods like boat, pipes and heavy machinery that are too big for a container will require our break bulk service with our expert team.